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An inspired team of Production experts is essential for the seamless execution of any performance. At Memorial Hall, a distinguished Production Crew will manage all performances, from first curtain to final bow.
Please contact the Production Manager no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event date to discuss production preferences, requirements and concerns. Adequate preparations made in a timely manner will enhance any performance.


The Production Manager must inspect and approve all flying elements (i.e. drops, curtains, etc.) in compliance with life-safety regulations before installation. All fabric goods must be treated flame retardant; untreated fabrics will not be flown – no exceptions.


No adhesive tape of any kind is allowed on any surface of Memorial Hall, except the stage floor where only bona fide Gaffer’s/Spike Tape may be used. (Gaffer’s Tape may be purchased at any theatrical supply store or through the Production Manger.)


Only Memorial Hall personnel may perform lagging services. Extra charges may apply.


Any use of pyrotechnics or open flame(s) must be approved by the Memorial Hall Production Manager as well as the City of Pueblo Fire Dept. and must be used in accordance with all local, State and Federal regulations. The Production Manager must be contacted at least four (4) weeks prior to the engagement if it involves pyrotechnics including, but not limited to: blank guns, torches, percussive charges, candles or any other device that uses gunpowder, explosives or creates a flame.


The presenter is responsible for any equipment or building damage that occurs as a direct or indirect result of preparing, producing or striking the event, including accidental damage by Memorial Hall personnel under the direction of the presenter, the artist, or his/her representative.


The Memorial Hall Production Manager must be contacted at least one (1) week prior to taping if the presenter wishes to videotape the event. Outside video production companies are required and certain rules apply.
Memorial Hall has limited resources for in-house audio taping, but will gladly work with the presenter to provide what is needed.

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