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Guest Services

Memorial Hall takes seriously its commitment to its patrons. A full-time Event Manager is on staff to ensure a delightful and exceptional patron entertainment experience.


To ensure the best customer service possible essential staff members will be in place for every event. A House Manager will oversee all area managers and ushers and will be in constant radio communication with the Memorial Hall Event Manager, area managers, promoter and stage manager, as required. One area manager at a minimum will be on each floor to provide immediate assistance to patrons and to address questions and concerns.


The majority of Memorial Hall ushers are volunteers who have been selected from a large pool of applicants. Many ushers have had years of experience in other elite venues. Although the number of ushers required may vary depending on the event, there will always be an adequate number of ushers available to assist guests and patrons.
At all exterior doors, ushers will scan tickets for event entry. Ushers will distribute programs and seat patrons at all theatre doors. Ushers also will be stationed in-house at aisles and row intersections to facilitate movement.


Special personnel also may be assigned to secure limited access areas as needed.


Usher call is ninety minutes (90 min.) prior to any event.
Ushers are attired in black pants or skirts and white shirts. Uniform vests and ties are worn by staff members for ease of recognition.
Unless specific instructions are given by the client, the lobby will open one hour (60 min.) prior to an event, followed by the house, thirty minutes (30 min.) later. All openings will be cleared with the Stage Manager or promoter’s representative.
Lobby clearance for the start of events and intermissions will be relayed via radio. Seating of latecomers, camera policies and any other concerns or requests will be confirmed with the promoter prior to the opening of the house.

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