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Booking Memorial Hall


Please call (719)-821-7498 or schedule an appointment with the Office Manager to reserve a date.
Dates booked for Memorial Hall may be held for four (4) weeks without the need for any contracts or deposits. Depending on the circumstances, however, we may require one to “go to contract”—or to commit to lease the hall immediately or within a certain time frame.


A challenge occurs when two clients desire the same date that only one client has reserved. Should that happen within the parameters of our Booking Policy (as described in the next section) the client who has reserved the date must relinquish that date or commit to lease the hall within five (5) business days and furnish a deposit. If the reservation is cancelled or the client who has reserved the date does not respond to good-faith attempts to notify him/her of the challenge, Memorial Hall will release the date to the challenging party.


In order to accommodate Memorial Hall’s resident arts group firm status cannot be given to any date request that is earlier than March 31 of the year preceding the September start of any performance season. However, the hall can be held on a provisional basis.

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