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Bag Policy

We encourage guests to avoid bringing bags of any kind, but if necessary, guests are permitted to bring:

ONE CLEAR BAG no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ in size
small clutch purses or wallets no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″ in size.

Prohibited items include: any purse larger than a small clutch, backpacks, diaper bags, messenger bags, laptop bags, totes, cinched bags, camera bags, fanny packs and any other large (non-clear) bag of any kind.

Prohibited Items

  • No outside food or beverage
  • No weapons (knives, pepper spray and other aerosols, key rings/key chains for self-defense, stun guns, any concealed weapons, firearms etc. and any ammunition or accessories to weapons)
  • No bags that do not conform to the clear bag policy.
  • Professional cameras, detachable lenses, or other video/audio recording devices (except for smartphones)
  • No laser pointers
  • Noisemaking devices such as air horns that would be a distraction to the audience or performers
  • No signage
  • No Animals (Service animals permitted)
  • No inflatable objects
  • Unapproved handouts 
  • Medical and diaper bags 14” x 14”x 6” or smaller are permitted