Pueblo Memorial Hall


1 City Hall Place
Pueblo, CO 81003

320 Central Main Street
Pueblo, CO 81003


Name Title Email Phone
Ortiz, Kevin General Manager / Booking 719-542-1100
Garcia, Felipe A.G.M./Director of Food and Beverage 719-582-1024
Wiseman, Andrew Director of Operations 719-583-4958
Palmiotti, Nick Director of Sales and Marketing 719-582-1021
Pacheco, Diane Event Manager 719-583-4953
Roe, Adam Director of Events 719-583-4974
Deeg, Lee Director of Finance 719-583-4963
Pechek, Jay Marketing Manager 719-583-4962
Moore, Carl Box Office Manager 719-583-4961
To Purchase, Tickets By Phone     1-866-722-8844